Welcome to Eindhoven

We want to welcome all the young players from all over Europe to play a European

Championship since a long time.

We hope you all will enjoy this tournament and play your best squash.

The topplayers are from different countries:

Boys: Finnlay Withington from England, Samuel Osborne-Wylde from England,

           Rowan Damming from the Netherlands, Hassan Khalil from England, 

           Brice Nicolas from France, David Bernet from Switserland.

Girls: Katie Malliff from England, Chukwu Chinyere from Hungary, 

          Asia Harris from England, Saran Nghiem from England, 

          Ella Galova from France, Ninon Lemarchand from France.

But you never know who is in its best form on the day.

Feel free to come and watch this young players squash at Squashtime.

We are excited and hope everybody is that too.

Here is the link for the players manual

Photo's from the U 19 2022

click on this link for all the photo's made during the event.

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