ECC 2018
ECC 2018

The official logo.

The poster for the tournament.

The poster for the tournament.


From 19 - 22 September 2018 this tournament will be held at Squashtime.

This tournament will be played between the National Club Champions off each country within Europe.

They all will battle for the title European Club Champion 2018

There will be world class squash players to see in action that week.

So watch this site regular and keep informed.

Two weeks from the start

It is beginning  to all fall together.

Two courts have a lower tin.

Goody bags are ready.

Keycords are ready.

The opening dinner is arranged.

The closing dinner is arranged.

We have a DJ for the closing party.

Hotel and transport all arranged. 

Still a few things to do but it is gonna happen in two weeks time. 

We are excited and hope all the players are too. 

The entree for the ECC

The entree for the ECC

De Squashtime Teams

De Squashtime Teams

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